Hi, we are also a fashion-tech company using innovative processes to eliminate waste in clothing production.

It’s not a secret…

…clothes have basically been made the same way for the last 60 years. Mass production is a cheap way to manufacture, but it leads to over-production, extreme waste, and an unethical use of labor.

We have taken a different approach built upon our 3 main principles.


Our production partners are selected based on an exceptional level of skill, a strong focus on quality, an uncompromising dedication to good working environments, and a shared vision of improving every step of the production process, from material to finished garment.

Instead of seeing the pursuit of sustainability as a barrier, we choose to see it as inspiration for innovation and an opportunity for creating a way of making clothes that will inspire others. We are dedicated to being open about our challenges, successes and failures, and we hope you’ll be a part of this journey.